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Welcome to my actor website...

This site is for you who'd be interested in me as an actor, drama translator or drama teacher/ director.

I work mostly in Denmark and have now my main residence there after having lived 12 years in Northern California. I am fluent in English and a dual citizen of USA and Denmark.

Graduate of The National Acting School in Aarhus, Denmark, 1994

Member of Danish Actors Association since 1990


Please email me directly:

For my other lines of work, you can check out:



Malady of Youth by Ferdinand Buchner  |  Part: Irene  |  1994

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

Angels in America by Tony Kushner  |  Part: Harper  |  1995

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

The Clinic by Lars Norén  |  Part: Erika  |  1996

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

Skylight by David Hare  |  Part: Kyra  |  1997

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

The Black Forest by J. C. Groendahl  |  Part: The Nurse  |  1998

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

The Bacchae by Euripides  |  Part: Dionysus  |  1998

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

Children of Paradise by J. Prevert  |  Part: Garance  |  1998

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

We Were So Happy by J. C. Groendahl  |  Part: Joy  | 1999

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

The Sisters by P. O. Enquist  |  Part: Natasha  |  2000-2001

Betty Nansen Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark

Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen  |  Part: Regina  |  2001

The Royal Danish Theatre, Copenhagen, Denmark

Guest Host at the Ibsen Festival  |  2001

Norway’s National Theatre, Oslo, Norway

Extreme Sports by Jacob Weiss  |  Part: Naja  |  2003

Teater Grob, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Miser by Jean Baptiste Moliere  |  Part: Elise  |  2003

Odense Teater, Odense, Denmark

Remembrance of Things Past by Proust  |  Part: Odette  |  2004

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

The Road To Heaven by Pelle Moeller  |  Part: Oksana  |  2004

Teater Grob, Copenhagen, Denmark

Pornotopia by Spang & Wagner  |  Part: Åse  |  2009-2010

Noerrebro Teater, Copenhagen, Denmark

Sylvia  |  Part: Phyllis  |  2012

Siskiyou Performance Arts Center, Yreka, CA, USA

Exile by Andreas Garfield after Jacob Ejersboe  |  Part: Mom  |  2013

Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark

Liberty by Nis Mumme Stockmann  |  Part: Kirsten Knudsen  |  2013

Teater Nordkraft, Aalborg, Denmark

But Do You Live? after Shakespeare’s The Tempest  |  Part: Emelia  |  2014

Teater V, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Switchback Turn by Julie P. Glargaard  l  Part: Stepanie Hannigan  l  2018

Team Teater and Vendsyssel Teater, Denmark

Ghosts by Henrik Ibsen l  Part: Mrs. Alving  l   2021

Tour in Denmark by Teater 2, Denmark

The Arctic Topmeeting by Kim Leine  I  Part: Linda Stein I 2023

Freeze Production, Svalegangen, Aarhus

The   Doctor  by Robert Icke  l  Part: Charlie l   2024

Folketeatret, Copenhagen 2024


Smaller parts in feature films and TV series  |  1995-2010

Nordisk Film, Thura Film afour TV-series on DR1 , TV2 and Netflix


A regular cast member on all three seasons of the improvisational show

Thank God You’re Here  |  2006-2007

TV3, Denmark


Moliere in Masks by Moliere/cast  |  Part: Various|  1992

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark  

Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov  |  Part: Olga  |  1992

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

Twelfth Night by W. Shakespeare  |  Part: Olivia  |  1993

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark

First You’re Born by Line Knutzon  |  Part: Bimsy  |  1994

Aarhus Teater, Aarhus, Denmark and ABC Teatret, Copenhagen, Denmark


 Copenhagen, Denmark


Nordjylland, Denmark

TV, film and theatre.

Acting-coaching, audition mentoring, language-coaching, :
+45 40 85 49 16


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